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Namma homeopathy

Namma Team

At NH we offers the widest choice of the most highly skilled, compassionate physicians and advanced homeopathic treatment with accurate disease diagnosis. Our team’s patient centric approach and high degree of importance on our ethics, we ensure to provide the best medical treatment. Namma service starts with our doctors and staff who ensure to educate our patients well about process, treatment and cure.

Dr. Akansha Malleshwaram

Namma Homeopathy is a family with like - minded people, starting from ourdoctors who are a physician first,to our staff who provide patients with unconditional support, with a priority to improve the health of every patient andto make health care available at the door step of every citizen.


From cold to cancer with a service driven approach, we educate our patients along with treatment.We outline a balanced mental-physical treatment to control complications and sufferings. Also to support the lifestyle of patients by being available at their time.

Dr. Asha Rani
Dr. Manjunath

We aim to make homeopathy system to a number one treatment methodology through cureandresults. We foresee to reach every patient of all ages, to cure incurable complications and make known to all the method toimproving quality of life.


We at Namma Homeopathy, challenge the untreatable and impossible with homeopathy, without side effects and also to make it affordable and reachable to every citizen. We, with our team effort are bound to change health care in every step.

Dr. Parvathi
Dr. Prashant

Our very intent is to educate the benefits of homeopathy and reduce the dependencies on mainstream medicine. To show to the world the natural methodology of healing, to educate every individual young or old about personal care while treating them.


We provide and will continue to provide the best quality in homeopathy. Our ambition is to provide a holistic approach in treating every patientindividually. We are unique by providing quality counselling time to understand every patient.

Dr. Sneha
Dr. Vishwas

Our vision is to serve humanity for a healthy tomorrow by taking healthcare services to every corners of India. Also, we not just want to concentrate on treating our patientsbut to cure and provide care continuum.